the greyest of blue skies. (ranathalion) wrote,
the greyest of blue skies.


Stumbling through a haze of blinking lights and sound; I fall through a sea of people to land against a tilting wall. Raising my head against the broken darkness I can see everything.

A woman standing alone against the steel scaffolding of the room, dancing with her eyes closed like she is trying to forget. Couples pressing their bodies close, like twin hungers trying to fill one another. In a quiet corner by the door a boy is holding a girl tightly, his face buried in her shoulder. He is holding her like he never wants to let her go.

I know this is going to end. The sound, the sad lights, everything. When I close my eyes I can look through the pounding blood of my eyelids into a quieter world. A world with nothing but an empty room and a breeze and two hands pressed together. A world where that boy by the door never does let his girl go.
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