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... Ostensibly, this place is still my blog, so I'm going to post something different and vaguely journal-esque today - by plugging Vertical Rush's new EP. I missed their set at the Substation last night (passed out on the floor sometime during Zero Sequence's performance) but brought home two of their albums - Songs for the Girls We Never Dated and The Angels EP:

I was expecting something somewhat boring (the two CDs sold for $5 as a package) but Angels really surprised me by being awesome. Slow-paced, acoustic, beautiful melodic sleepiness all round. Definitely the best five dollars I've ever spent. Get it if you can find it.

In other news, I've really missed being out. Little things like sitting at a coffeeshop in the early morning and having prata for breakfast, or watching train tracks through the rain. I keep telling myself there will be time for this. Time to breathe.

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